Award-Winning, Scalable Living Soil Cannabis

White Fire OG

Grown for Verde Natural, 2016

Force of Nature is an organic cannabis cultivation consulting firm. We help large-scale licensed cultivators produce award-winning, medical-grade cannabis using compliant, reproducible methods.


Artisan cannabis, grown at scale


Original SOP cultivation manuals


Organic pest management solutions


Hiring & training cultivation and harvesting teams


Designing high-volume cannabis production facilities

Scalable Living Soil (SLS)

The foundation of Force of Nature’s cultivation program is Scalable Living Soil (SLS), developed by CEO Cassandra Maffey, Mrs. Maffey, an acclaimed Master Grower from Colorado and Humboldt County, has honed this seed-to-sale cultivation method based on the principals of soil science, microbiology, and cutting-edge cannabis horticulture.

Scalable Living Soil is easy to install, cost-effective to implement, and come with comprehensive coaching and customized SOP manuals—including soil testing protocol, nutrient amendment, and trouble-shooting solutions for all phases of plant growth.

We work with a limited number of clients who seek to produce the finest cannabis in the world. These ethical, boutique-quality cultivators are raising the bar for medicinal-grade cannabis across the United States.